PV installations: according to TAR Lazio the amendment of incentive schemes of the so called “Conto Energia” before the scheduled deadline is legitimate.

Over the last two years three different systems of regulation of the so-called Conto Energia have been implemented. In particular, DM 6 August 2010 (Third Conto Energia), DM 5 May 2011 (Fourth Conto Energia) and, more recently, DM 5 July 2012 (Fifth Conto Energia). The newer regulation has always “shortened” the period of applicability of the former one. The Fourth Conto Energia has restricted the applicability of the Third Conto (originally due to expire on 31 December 2013) to PV installations which come into operation by 31 May 2011. In addition, the Fifth Conto Energia – with some exceptions – has succeeded the Fourth Conto Energia on 27 August 2012, notwithstanding that the original deadline of the latter was scheduled for 31 December 2016.

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