Expertise, experience and professionalism.

Todarello & Partners is one of Milan's most respected law firms specialising in administrative law and advises top Italian and international corporations.

The Firm is structured in highly specialised departments, all synergistically integrated to offer complete, comprehensive assistance at both the judicial and the extrajudicial levels.

Right from its foundation in 2002, the Firm immediately gained a prestige reputation in the management of all legal issues relating to publicly controlled and/or regulated areas of economic activity, such as energy production from both traditional and renewable sources, property and real estate operations, urban planning and territorial management, also in environmental terms, the production of goods and services for the public sector, the construction of public infrastructure, the delivery of public services and the pharmaceutical industry.

Our lawyers take a practical approach, strongly focused on the case in hand, aiming to provide the client with a definitive outcome on the basis of the legal framework. The founding team of Todarello & Partners lawyers have a shared professional and educational background built up together over the years that has enabled the creation of a working environment based on the same principles and the same vision of the profession.

The method consequently adopted is ground on the analysis of facts and solutions by all the professionals involved, together with clients themselves. This approach often generates an unexpected, original viewpoint which leads to the achievement of outcomes for our clients that may not have seemed feasible at the outset.

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Competent and highly specialised, the Todarello & Partners professionals make up a close-knit team, able to deliver high-quality advice in every area of expertise.

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