Areas of Expertise

Dynamic and highly competent, the Todarello & Partners professionals specialise in a variety of sectors.

Icona energiaEnergy

The energy sector, in all its many ramifications, including the distribution and sale of gas at all levels of the supply chain, and electricity production from both renewable – wind, photovoltaic, hydroelectric and geothermal – and conventional sources, is one of Todarello & Partners’ main areas of specialisation. In this area, the Firm advises the most important Italian and international energy corporations, also representing them before the competent courts and regulatory Authorities.

Icona ambienteEnvironmental Law

The Firm’s practice in environmental law has grown considerably in recent years, through its involvement in some of Italy’s largest operations for the remediation of contaminated sites, also in relation to major real estate development projects. In this sector, Todarello & Partners has also developed considerable experience in waste management, atmospheric emissions, industrial and civil wastewater, environmental assessment and authorisation procedures, emission trading and climate change, especially with regard to administrative and civil liability.

Icona immobiliare delle costruzioniReal Estate, Construction, Planning and Development Law

Construction and Planning is one of the Firm’s most thriving, fastest-growing areas, as it assists real estate constructors, promoters and developers in all phases of their operations, including the assessment and resolution of development, planning and environmental issues, the related expropriations, and the negotiation of agreements with public and private counterparties. Todarello & Partners also assists the public sector in the drafting of Urban Plans and implementation measures, and framework documents for joint development projects.

Icona servizi pubbliciPublic Services

The Firm advises public and private entities in procedures for the contracting and management of public services: municipal waste, public transport, gas and electricity distribution, integrated water service, district heating and other off-grid services. In this sector, Todarello & Partners has vast experience in “in-house” contracting, in the structuring of the relative management modules and in the creation of public-private joint ventures.

Icona contratti pubbliciPublic Procurement, Contracts and Project Finance

In public procurement, Todarello & Partners advises clients throughout the tender procedure: assessment and interpretation of the clauses of the call for bids, writing of the bid, assessment of compliance with requirements and creation of temporary consortia, through to administrative law litigation concerning the contesting of calls for bids, exclusions or awards, or civil litigation relating to the fulfilment of the contract. The Firm also has vast experience in project financing, drawing up all legal documents, the deeds of incorporation of SPVs, and handling all additional phases.

Icona commercioCommerce

Also in relation to major real estate developments, Todarello & Partners advises private and public sector clients in the authorisation procedures for the opening and location of small, medium and large retail stores, shopping centres and luxury hotels.

Icona diritto farmaceuticoPharmaceutical and Healthcare Law

In the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector, the Firm advises leading Italian and foreign corporations in the various authorisation procedures – first and foremost the Marketing Authorisation Application – in strategies for the marketing of medicinal products and medical devices, in the procedure for the CE marking of devices and for the writing and negotiation of clinical and observational trial contracts, as well in all competitive bidding (public sector procurement) procedures and the relative litigation.

Icona comunicazioniCommunications Law

In the field of communications, Todarello & Partners advises its clients on all aspects of Administrative Law, also with regard to the installation of new optic fibre networks at the local level, with a special focus on regulatory, planning, corporate and project financing issues.

Icona europeoEuropean and Competition Law

The Firm provides advice on areas of European law, including the four freedoms of movement within the Union: workers, goods, services and capital. In Competition Law, as well as on general issues, Todarello & Partners represents its clients before the Administrative Courts in actions against fines imposed by the Italian Competition Authority.

Icona societario e commercialeCorporate and Commercial Law

The Firm advises clients in the incorporation of companies, associations, foundations, temporary grouping of economic operators (so called “ATI”) and consortia, drawing up the relative articles of association and deeds of incorporation, shareholders’ agreements and joint venture agreements, and supporting governing bodies in all company administration activities. The Firm handles all phases of extraordinary and M&A operations, from structuring to due diligence, and from the drafting and negotiation of contract documentation to the implementation of agreements and the relative corporate and regulatory compliance. What’s more, Todarello & Partners also draws up all forms of business contracts for its clients, including all kinds of commercial, supply, distribution, franchising, agency, contracting, licensing and technical service outsourcing agreements.

Icona governance and complianceGovernance and Compliance

The Firm advises companies on the structure of their governing bodies, the choice of governance structures, the definition of relationships between shareholders, the structure of infragroup agreements and the management of generational handovers in family-owned companies. Todarello & Partners also works in the area of compliance, with a special focus on data protection, the governance obligations of companies and public sector bodies-writing tailor-made governance models including specific risk analysis and staff training measures – and occupational health and safety.

Icona contenziosoLitigation

In all its areas of expertise, the Firm represents its clients before the administrative and civil courts at all levels.