Todarello & Partners expands and looks to the future with confidence.

20 years after its foundation and 12 years after the creation of the formal Partnership, Todarello & Partners is starting a new phase. At the end of a year which has certainly not been easy, the Firm has decided to give fresh energy to its operations through a major internal reorganisation and growth programme, as it looks to the future with confidence and optimism.

In fact, T&P has named Giuseppe Spennacchio, Andrea Conforto, Matilde Battaglia, Claudia Sarrocco and Alice Colleoni as Salary Partners, with responsibility, respectively, for managing and leading the Civil and Corporate, Energy (Gas), Planning and Construction, Regulatory and Antitrust, and Environmental law Departments. Moreover, Delia Schiaroli (Environmental), Alessandro Concordati (Energy, Gas), Francesco Schiano di Cola (Planning and Construction) and Roberto Biasco, Maria Grazia Scorrano and Cristina Grassi (Civil and Corporate Law) have been appointed Counsels, tasked with managing and leading customer relations and commissions within their respective Departments.  Chiara Berra, Raffaele Arcadi and Roberta Rossit de Combarieu have been appointed Managing Associates. The equity partners would like to thank them all for their major professional and human contribution to the Firm in recent years, with best wishes for a brighter and more and more rewarding future.

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